Taking the uncertainty out of Brexit logistics

For over a decade, Logik Logistics has provided out-of-the-box logistics solutions for our clients. 

With the uncertainty of Brexit logistics, the fluidity of new customs procedures, evolving risk factors, and capacity changes, it’s vital that your logistics partner understand the complexities around importing/exporting to Europe. 

Logik Logistics employs a team of Brexit logistics specialist, providing up-to-the minute information and guidance to our clients within the EU and UK.


We have direct access to fleets across Europe and the UK thanks to our unrivalled operator network. 

We’re proud to operate our own fleet of trailers, meaning we’re able to supplement any capacity requirements on the market – often providing capacity to clients that’s simply unavailable elsewhere.

In addition to our road freight capabilities, our team is highly experienced in aircraft charter brokering – providing an extra layer of reliability for the most demanding cargo requirements.

Your deadline, our success.

Brexit customs procedures

Customs procedures for goods moving between the UK and Europe have changed. Duty free movement is now only applicable for goods originating from the UK and EU.

We have a team of Brexit logistis experts who are available 24/7/365. Our team is on hand to guide you through the changes, and to ensure you’re never caught offguard.

Access to fleets across the continent

Logik Logistics has direct access to multi-modal fleets across the UK and Europe. We’re able to provide transport solutions at a moment’s notice, wherever they’re needed most. 

From small vans and last-mile solutions, to temperature-controlled trailers, helicopters, and even heavy-lift aircraft – we’re always available to get your goods moving. 

Contingency solutions

Sometimes issues can arise, especially during periods of change and volatility. For this reason, Logik Logistics is able to provide airlift contingency solutions, giving customers peace of mind that their goods will make the journey no matter what.

We have access to aircraft available for immediate uplift should any delays occure due to border or access issues. Our team is available 24/7/365 and will get you moving again.

Looking for support with Brexit logistics?

Door-to-door delivery for urgent automotive parts
Logik Logistics were contacted on the Tuesday afternoon at 13:45hrs regarding a track stopping situation in the UK, Urgent parts were needed on Thursday evening at 22:00hrs in Birmingham to keep an automotive production line running. Parts were in Bursa, Turkey & ready for collection at 18:30hrs local time.
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On board courier delivers time-critical cargo
Logik Logistics was called in by an automotive supplier to intercept a trailer in transit from Romania to the UK. The call came in at 16:30hrs. The parts on board had suddenly become urgently required and were needed in the UK on the following morning at 06:00hrs in time to start the production line operating.
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Aircraft charter for urgent cargo consignment
The offices of Logik Logistics were called at 23:00hrs on the Monday evening by a UK car manufacturer with a charter request from Ukraine. They had parts in production that were ready for collection at 08:00hrs on Tuesday. The delivery deadline was Wednesday Morning at 10:00hrs.
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